UH OH! What do you do when….

From Comfy to Ready to Go
Picture this… you are at home.. just relaxing the night away with your glass of wine and the TV.  As you are channel surfing, your phone rings.  It’s your friend and she will be at your place in 30 minutes to head out for drinks.  She says she isn’t taking no for an answer and hangs up before you can get two words in.  OH NO!  What do you do?  Do you  turn her down when she shows up?  Or will you be that friend that begrudgingly gets ready because your friend needs her wing(wo)man?  Times ticking and she will be there in no time.  Go on and get ready to have a fun night out.  You of all people know she would do that same for you.
What I have put together is the outfit that turns your comfy night in to a comfy fun night out.  I don’t know about you, but my comfy home outfits usually consist of black and grays for my inner emo self.  I took the off the should sweater, black denim leggings, cute black heals, and accent jewelry to put it all together.  You can’t forget your handbag as you run out the door.  This is just another example of how accessories can take your outfit to the next level.  They give it enough color and sparkle for an impromptu night on the town.  Anything for your friends right?
Thanks for reading!!
– K
**** All the accessories shown here are pieces from Chloe+Isabel.  ****

Off shoulder long sleeve top

Asos handbag
$20 – asos.com

Bracelet jewelry

chloe + isabel

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