Rock Glam

Rock Glam
As I sat here listening to Puddle of Mud for my Flashback Friday, I decided to design my rock glam outfit and this was the outcome.  I decided it was better to be simple and yes I went with a black and gray theme.  In my defense, black is slimming and I compensate with fun makeup.  If you can’t tell what my focus was here, please look again.  This is all about the shoes.
Yes I based the outfit around the shoes.  I think they are fabulous!!!  The spikes and studs add that rock flair and it’s not over kill.  This is how you dress up a t-shirt and black jeans.  Some people will look at this and either hate it or love it.  Me… I love it.  It is exactly what I titled this blog… Rock Glam.  Mix this outfit with fun makeup and there you have it.  A night on the town with the girls going to see your favorite rock band in style.  I think that sounds like a perfect night out…. drinks anyone?
Thanks for reading.

Floyd pink tee

Blink suede pumps

Black chain handbag

Silvertone jewelry

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