For The Love of All Things Neutral

Hey Everyone.
I love this look.  The idea about this look is that it is simple yet classy. It easily converts from day to night with the accessories as the statement pieces. The accessories shown here can be put together or used minimally. The point is to have fun with it.
This look could be classified as a lot of things. Let me explain.
1) Travel Chic
I picture wearing this outfit as you jet off on a fun vacation to a tropical destination… Virgin Islands?  Aruba? Either way the look is stylish and comfortable to get out and go. When you get there, take off the jacket and enjoy the island breeze.
2)  Comfy Casual
Headed out to do some shopping with friends or to grab a bite to eat? This outfit is perfect for that get together no matter what it may be.  There is nothing wrong with looking your best. Plus you know never know who you will run in to.
3) It’s not All work and No play
I love the fact that I could wear this outfit to work.  While most people do not have the luxury of wearing jeans to work, I am fortunate to be able to do so.  Contrary to popular belief, wearing jeans to work doesn’t mean you are a bum, slacker, or just don’t care about your appearance.  The fact is that a great pair of jeans can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion.  The best part of this look is that you can take the jacket off and head out for drinks with coworkers.  If you can’t tell, I love versatility.
This is my style and I love it, but then again it isn’t for everyone.  Play around with pieces and see what works for you.
Thanks for reading!!
– K

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